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CamGuard Bear Claw Washer ABABCW
Sold Individually Minimum Order is 10 Each The ABABCW Bear Cla
CamGuard Chrome Vending Machine Lock GM531X
Lock Designed for Vending Machines The GM531X Utilizes the GM481 High Secu
CamGuard Door Lock 9/16" Coded Key GM756SX
9/16" (14.2 mm) Body Length Minimum Order is 1 Each The GM756
CamGuard GM481 Coded Key GM481KEY
Sold Individually The GM481Key is Unique to the GM481 Lock The
CamGuard High Security Momentary Switch Lock GM384X
Momentary Contact Switch Lock Current Rating of 4A@125VAC, 2A@200VAC
Chrome High Security Specialized Cam Lock Where Cam Extends Through the Lock GM766X
Specialized Cam Lock Cam Extends Through the Lock Shortening the Distance
CRL CAM22 Double Ended Cam
Sold Individually 1-1/4" (31.8 mm) Double Ended Cam Key Contro
CRL CamGuard 1-3/8" Straight Cam CAM11
Sold Individually 1-3/8" (34.9 mm) Straight Cam Key Control Sp
CRL CamGuard Cam Lock 1-1/8" Body Length GM400LX
1-1/8" (28.5 mm) Body Length Unique Key System Perfect for D
CRL CamGuard Cam Lock 1-1/8" Body Length GM410LX
1-1/8" (28.5 mm) Body Length Available in Three Barrel Lengths
CRL CamGuard Lock Long Cylinder GM481LX
Uniquely Engineered Wafer Style Cam Lock 1-1/8" Body Length
CRL CamGuard Mini Lock 1/2" Long GM1230LX
Available in Two Barrel Lengths Pick Resistant 500 Codes Ava
CRL CamGuard Offset Cam CAM13
Sold Individually CamGuard Offset Cam 1-5/8" x 1/4" (41.2 x 6 mm)
CRL CamGuard Shipping Lock 5/8" Shipping Lock GM742
Sold Individually Standard 5/8" (15.8 mm) Diameter The GM742 i
CRL Chrome Finish Vending Lock  GM501X
GM501X is a Vending Machine Lock Used With a T-Handle Lock Tubular Style K
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